Recognition of foreign qualifications – architectural services

The requirements for the provision of temporary and occasional services in Austria by holders of foreign certificates of competence are:

  1. the nationality of a member state of the EU or a contracting state of the EEA or the nationality of the Swiss Confederation,
  2.  the permanent residence in a member state or in Switzerland as well as a valid authorization to exercise the profession of an architect on a freelance basis,
  3.  the professional qualification,
  4.  the practice of the liberal profession as an architect for at least one year during the preceding ten years, provided that this profession is not regulated in the country of establishment of the service provider, and
  5. training corresponding to Annex V, point 5.7.1. of the Professional Qualifications Recognition Directive.


Before providing the service, the service provider is obliged to inform the service receiver of the following:

  1. the register in which they are included, as well as the number of the registration or equivalent data from this register serving for identification purposes,
  2. the name and address of the competent supervisory authority in the country of establishment,
  3.  the professional chambers or comparable organizations to which the service provider is affiliated,
  4. the professional title or their certificate of qualification,
  5.  the VAT identification number, and
  6.  details of their insurance cover in respect of professional liability.


Registration in the chamber is not required. However, the service provider is obliged to comply with the Austrian rules of professional conduct.